Custom Made Shell And Tube Heat Exchangers


Some applications are different than the others and require special, customized heat exchangers. That’s when Crophex custom made shell and tube heat exchangers take role to be a solution for your needs.

 The units are designed depending on the application and customer request. Although each unit is unique, they are produced by using as much standardized components as possible.


There is no capacity limit in the design of shell and tube exchangers. The units can be grouped in alternative ways such as serial or parallel connection and their capacities can be increased.

Depending on application requirements, the following materials can be used in shell and tube heat exchangers.

Carbon steel ST37

Carbon Steel ST35.8

Stainless Steel AISI304

Stainless Steel AISI316





  • Power plants
  • Process industry
  • Heat recovery
  • Chemical plants
  • Marine
  • Hydraulic lube oil cooling
  • Turbine and Engine cooling

Steel mills


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