Packaged System

We have several models including; waste heat recovery package systems for textile factories, automatic adjustable package systems for pools, user-defined and systems for residential heating.

Touchscreens are available for CHX Canada Inc heating systems if requested and you can visually see the progress on screen, get daily or weekly periodic reports make calculations and get a receipt. CHX Canada Inc heating systems always offer the most convenient solution for your satisfaction. 

If it’s not designed by a professional engineer, a small mistake might harm the exchanger and other equipments during a start up.

If you have a special request which is not listed, you can contact us anytime.

CHX Canada Inc complete heatings systems are under warranty of CHX Canada Inc, only if the installation is done by our experts.

  •  You can save %20-25 energy with complete heating systems .
  •  CHX Canada Inc complete heating systems will provide water at a stable temperature even there is an immediate hot or cold water requirement.
  •  Senvsitive temperature control available even with high volume of hot water. Adopts volume change perfectly in accordance with heating process.
  •  Performs easily at high volume of water.
  •  Save time by letting us design the system for you.
  •  It only needs a small space.
  •  Solution can be completed with only one system.
  •  Suitable for any process.
  •  High efficieny with low cost and less maintenance.