CR Model Plate Heat Exchangers

Plate Heat Exchanger


HVAC, solar energy systems, heat recovery,marine, food and hygienic, industrial and chemical market.

Design and Working Principle:

The plate heat exchanger is designed to transfer heat between two fluids by using metal plates. Crophex’s corrugated pattern plates create a turbulent flow between the plates to create high efficiency.

The plates are compressed together in between frame plate and pressure plate. The plates are spaced by gaskets which prevent liquids from mixing and directing them to channels.The flow is counter-current to create the optimal efficiency.

The size and number of plates depend on the following data;

  • Duty/flow rate
  • Pressure drop
  • Temperature
  • Liquid type
  • Working pressure

Inlet and outlet ports are located in the frame plate if the fluids make a single pass. If it’s more than a single pass, the ports are located both in the frame and pressure plates.

Data Sheets


Technical Details



Technical Details