Brazed Heat Exchangers

Brazed plate heat exchangers are compact, strong and gasket-free units which can handle high operating pressures and high temperatures. They provide high heat transfer efficiency and do not require any maintenance. These types of heat exchangers are commonly used in heating, cooling, evaporation and condensing applications.

CHX Canada Inc offers copper and nickel brazed heat exchangers with compact size, reliable construction and high heat transfer efficiency. Thanks to their compact size, they require minimal space.

CHX Canada Inc has a wide range of brazed plate heat exchangers with different sizes and capacities, alternative connection ports and plate patterns. Additionally, connection ports can be specially designed to meet your requirements.

Inlet and outlet ports are located in the front frame if the fluids make a single pass.  If it’s more than a single pass, the ports are located both in the front frame and rear frame.

Brazed heat exchanger is used in many different applications such as; refrigeration, steam heating, hydraulic oil cooling, liquid nitrogen cooling, condensing and evaporating and other applications.