Sea transport, is the largest and most preferred carrier of freight and the least environmentally damaging mode of transportation in the world. Also, cruise travels have been gaining popularity recently. A ship is usually alone in the open sea and for that reason CHX Canada Inc heat exchangers are on board.


  • Engine Cooling

Sea water is not used directly for marine engines because of the corrosion. Instead, fresh water is circulated around the engine. Fresh water is cooled by seawater then returns to the engine. If the fresh water gets too cold, it may cause thermal shocking, in order to prevent that, the cooling water temperature must be controlled. We offer safe, reliable and efficient solutions to many ships around the world.

  • Fuel Oil Heating

Fuel oil is commonly used in ships and the misuse of fuel oil can lead to major safety problems. Oil and water must not mix in this process. Double-wall plate heat exchangers and shell and tube heat exchangers can be used for this type of applications.